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Talk for 100 people at Mael Gael, Norwood Green

By 31st July 2012Pathways news

Last week I visited the Mael Gael community centre in Norwood Green near Ealing. 100 people attended, mostly Punjabi speaking so the services of a translator were required to help me convey an overview of dementia and the legal aspects of caring for someone with the illness. Although I have heard the majority of questions asked in one form or another, there is often a new query and this time someone asked whether the family home could remain forever in the family if the children stayed there after their parents had gone into care. I said a charge would be placed against the property and when the children moved out and the house sold, the local authority would take their money back. However, this lady was insistent that the family home would remain occupied by future generations. I had to concede that if that was the case then technically the house might never be used to repay the care home fees!

We also spent some time clarifying the role of the attorney appointed by a power of attorney form as opposed to the executor of a Will – the first only acts when the person is alive, the second only acts when they are dead.

After the talk I had the most beautiful curry for lunch and then was shown around the amazing Mael Gael centre – 7 acres of land and projectssuch as the free IT courses and a tranquil carers’ garden.

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