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Pathways Through Dementia was founded in 2012 by Sara Wilcox and registered as a charity in 2013.

Having worked at the Alzheimer’s Society, as well as seen her own mother give up work to care for her mother with memory loss, Sara knew she wanted to do something to help people living with dementia, especially working carers. Sara began providing talks to local groups and the charity grew from there.

Pathways Through Dementia is dedicated to helping people unravel the legalities of the dementia journey such as paying for care, managing finances and welfare benefits.

Sara has been proud to act as a legal expert at the Government’s Dementia Challenge Conference. She talked about the Mental Capacity Act and the need for more legal and financial information to be available to carers. 55% of dementia carers feel that they are not given enough information on legal and financial issues when dementia is first diagnosed*. Our charity is working hard to change this.

As the aging population in the UK grows, we will sadly see more people impacted by dementia. There are currently 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia and this figure is set to rise to 1 million by 2020.

Please help us to continue our great work. Pathways Through Dementia is a registered charity but currently receives no Government funding. All donations are gratefully received.

We are members of the Dementia Action Alliance.

*From a Carer’s Trust Report (A Road Less Rocky) at the Dementia Challenge Conference, June 2015.

Sara is reliable, professional and very knowledgeable but, most importantly, has great communication skills. She is able to explain complicated legal matters in a clear and easily understandable manner. It is always a pleasure to work with Sara and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Monika Leszewska, Advice and Development Officer, Carers Kensington & Chelsea

Our Trustees

Sara Wilcox

Founder and CEO

Sara Wilcox - founder and CEO
Having worked at the Court of Protection, and with the law and dementia, for almost 20 years, I know how to make the legislation accessible to my client group and I love helping people with the legal and financial questions that are affecting their dementia journey . I enjoy the daily personal interaction I get through the helpline and delivering talks and training to community groups and professionals who also work in this field and am committed to growing the charity so that more and more people can feel less intimidated when navigating legal and financial issues. When I was a teenager my mum gave up work because her mother had Alzheimer's disease and her father was struggling to cope, so one of the groups I am most interested in supporting is the 'sandwich generation' who are juggling their work with caring for family members - it was really with this in mind that I started the charity which now has contact with hundreds of people living with dementia across the UK every year.

Dr. Jem Bhatt


I have had the pleasure of working with Sara at Alzheimer’s Society where I was a community support worker. Having had many years of experience working with people affected by dementia both as a volunteer and professional, I understand how important information provision and the right support truly is.

My background is predominantly in psychological, clinical and cognitive neuroscience research. I believe research in the field of dementia is more urgent than ever before. For this reason, I recently completed my PhD at University College London focusing on dementia and stigma.

Together with the right research and the work that Pathways delivers – we can begin to change the picture of dementia from negative to positive in our society. And most importantly, support the people that need it.

Lizzie McClelland


I have been working as a solicitor for over 7 years and specialise in employment law. In that time, I have represented various charities across a wide range of issues and hope to bring some of that experience in supporting Sara and her charity.

On a personal level, I have always been inspired by the important role which carers fulfill in our society and I am delighted to be able to assist Pathways’ objective of providing invaluable information about dementia.

Kim Flitcroft


As the carer for an elderly relative living with dementia, I’ve found Pathways through Dementia a very useful source of advice and support. I fully support Sara’s aims to grow the charity and increase general awareness about legal issues related to living with dementia.

We urgently need to develop strategies to help our ageing population – we’re all going to get there one day! I work in television as a drama and documentary director. My very first film was made with elderly patients in the geriatric ward of a hospital. Respect, care and compassion for our elderly friends, family members and neighbours is a subject I care deeply about.

Ditte Desai


Ditte is a a multi-lingual professional with almost 20 years experience in providing comprehensive strategic support to senior management teams and CEOs as well as solid Brand & Communications experience managing global brands on national and international level. Originally from Denmark, Ditte has resided in the UK for the last 2 decades and prior to that lived in various other European countries.

Tina Waas

Deputy Chair of Trustees

I am Director of FindGoodCare Ltd. and also a qualified social worker, social work manager and best interest assessor. My career spans over 30 years within adult health and social care in various roles including Hospital and community based social work roles, quality assurance and project management and service management within mental health care of older adults. I had particular responsibilities in relation to older adults with mental health needs. I now work largely with clients and their loved ones to enable them to make decisions in relation to their accommodation and care arrangements which is why I feel strongly that access to accurate information about care options is crucial in helping families make best interests decisions for someone they are supporting who has dementia. Sara and I have previously collaborated on workshops where we discussed the care system and legal tools such as Lasting Powers of Attorney. I hope that my wealth of knowledge and expertise will be useful to the charity moving forward.

Radhika Patel

Chair of Trustees

My experience from the non-profit organisation sector has allowed me to grow and develop my knowledge and understanding of health, care and support in the community. My passion to help support and empower individuals, emotionally and practically, has always been at the centre of my work.

Having worked with Sara during my time at Alzheimer’s Society, it was amazing to hear all the work she had done and continued to do through Pathways, to be a resource for information for her client group and assist them through their personal dementia journey. Having provided support to people living with dementia and their carers/family in my roles, I know the importance of having easy access to the right support and information. I have delivered information sessions to carers covering topics such as maximising income, Mental Capacity, Lasting Power of Attorney, and strategies for coping as a carer and individual. This also helped to provide a safe and supportive environment for them to share their experiences with myself and each other, which was a reward in itself, as the benefits were clear to see.

Dementia also has a personal significance, as I too care for a loved one and can relate to the emotional and physical impact it can have on oneself and the ones you love. Being part of this charity means I can continue to be a part of making a positive contribution on a cause which continues to affect so many people.

Vala Abed


I came across Pathways Through Dementia last year and its cause instantly resonated with me. Coming from a legal background, I consider this a great opportunity to assist those struggling with dementia to navigate through their hardship. I enjoy dedicating my time finding legal and practical answers to the issues. I am committed to raising legal awareness and assisting families with their decision-making process. I find Sara’s devotion to this charity incredibly inspiring and am very pleased to provide my support.