We offer a range of services to support you through the legal ins and outs of dealing with dementia. All our services are free with the exception of our Lasting Power of Attorney workshops and home service.

Individual help and support

  • Our Legal Helpline – 0203 405 5940 – is always open however as Sara works for AgeUK part time she is rarely there to answer the phone. Please leave a message if you cannot get through and we will call you back as soon as we can.
  • Email enquiries and questions to swilcox@pathwaysthroughdementia.org
  • Lasting Power of Attorney workshops – these run at different venues throughout the year. Attendees are given both types of form and we go through them page by page giving people the confidence to complete the forms themselves.
  • Conflict resolution sessions – following the completion of her Conflict Resolution diploma, Sara now offers conflict resolution sessions to small organisations. We all encounter conflict but often are unaware of simple steps we can take to lessen their fallout. Fees are donated straight back into Pathways to enable us to help more people living with memory loss.


Talks for community groups

Are you looking for an informative, engaging speaker for your support group, community group or next business network meeting?

We cover the following topics, but can offer a bespoke talk to your audience:

  • Dementia overview (current picture and ethical questions)
  • Paying for Care
  • The role of the Court of Protection
  • Welfare benefits
  • Community Care Laws relevant to our client group

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Company Consultation Services

Research shows that employees caring for someone with dementia are twice as likely to take time off work than those who don’t. In order to help businesses support these employees we provide a consultation service which includes an initial discussion about the size of your organisation and probable needs, and seminars for employees delivered at their office. We also advise on how to engage your workforce, and encourage them to attend seminars bringing their questions and/or concerns along.

Fees are negotiable depending on the size of your business, contact us to discuss your employees’ needs: 07540 982 161

Seminars provide a dementia overview, and also cover paying for care, managing finances (Lasting Powers of Attorney & the role of the Court of Protection), and relevant welfare benefits.  Tips for warding off memory loss and living well with dementia can be included.

Clients who have benefitted from these events include BHB Biliton, Royal Historic Palaces, and the Merseyside Police.ew!

Assistance with Lasting Powers of Attorney

We will visit families who are setting up Powers of Attorney to help prevent mistakes being made on the forms which can lead to the Court of Protection returning them. Use the contact details above if you feel this service would be useful to you.

We also run the following short courses:

Dementia: the current picture and ethical questions (2 hours)

This course is split into two modules. The first module offers attendees an update on what we know about dementia today:

  • Different types of dementia
  • Drugs available for Alzheimer’s disease and how they work current research and the likelihood of treatments/cure
  • Healthy foods versus unhealthy lifestyles which can contribute to our chances of developing dementia
  • Approaches to caring for someone with dementia.

The second half of this module encourages group discussion of ethical issues that are often raised when people have dementia.

Paying for Care and Welfare Benefits (1 hour)

Attendees will gain an understanding of the laws and rules that govern paying for care in the UK, how people qualify for free NHS continuing care, and the proposals the government has put forward through the Care Act 2014.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) and the Care Act 2014
(1 hour)

This course explores the implications of this legislation for our client group and considers how successfully the MCA and Care Act are likely to meet their aims.

On completion of this session, attendees will leave with an understanding of how the MCA acts to support our client group and the issues that have arisen since the MCA was introduced and whether it can be regarded as a successful piece of legislation.

We will look at the key aims of the Care Act, how it proposed to change the system of paying for care influenced by the Dilnot Report, and the challenges that the Care Act faces in practice.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) (2 hours)

This course focuses on the key court cases we have seen since DoLS were introduced and draws the main points from those cases in order to demonstrate how they have influenced practice.

Attendees will also receive the history and guidelines for applying DoLS.