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Pathways Through Dementia is thrilled to be partnering with Self Care Today – an inspiring organisation founded by Aliya Jasrai which aims to encourage wellbeing in the workplace through the provision of a variety of services. Aliya’s core belief is that business health depends on its people’s health, and that sustainable wellbeing is the key for the future. Pathways will be offering the seminars that we have already successfully delivered to business such as BHP Billiton, Premium Credit Limited, and Quilter Cheviot. 

We know that thousands of people across the UK are juggling employment with a caring role and that supporting a relative with dementia can be challenging and often stressful. We want to take some of the stress out of the dementia journey providing sessions which will be

  • highlighting the different types of dementia, symptoms, medication and coping strategies
  • helping people to plan ahead
  • giving attendees a safe space to ask any questions pertinent to their unique situation
  • allaying concerns about their own likelihood of developing dementia with tips on healthy living

For more information contact Aliya: 07415963508

Or visit the website:

Home Page

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