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I think we can now see that Covid-19 is going to have a long term impact on the way we reach our clients, despite initial hopes that face to face contact might resume by October. With this in mind I am going to start engaging online with people who need assistance with various financial and legal aspects of their dementia journey, including delivering Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) sessions. I will also be offering one 1-2-1 slots with people who would rather speak to me privately about setting up LPA forms and any other areas they are concerned about.

The reason I founded Pathways was mainly to support working carers since I had witnessed my own mother giving up work to help my grandparents once my Gran was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I was taking my GCSE’s as my Mum drove up and down to Peterborough trying to get her parents moved to the Wirral and be there for me at the same time. Employment had to take a back seat.

My Mum was lucky in that she could return to her job in education at a later date but when carers are worried about impacting their career they may be juggling all these balls in order to earn money and stay on the ladder. The stress this can cause is incalculable so giving them accurate legal information to help them navigate legal matters is imperative to easing their burden. Therefore I will be hosting online seminars for businesses who want to do something positive for their ‘sandwich generation’ employees with a maximum of 7 attendees per session. All links to these events will go up onto our Events page so keep an eye out.

In the meantime stay safe and don’t hesitate to get in touch via our helpline if you need our help: 0203 405 5940

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