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Pathways Through Dementia provides free, accurate legal and financial information to support people living with dementia.

Whether you’re a person diagnosed with dementia, a carer or family member, we help you to make the best decisions you can for yourself and/or the person you’re caring for.

We cover all aspects of the law and dementia, answering common questions:

  • Is it too late for Power of Attorney?
  • Is my relative entitled to free NHS continuing care?
  • I co-own a house with my parent. What will happen to the house if they go into care?
  • What sort of financial help can I get to pay for home carers?
  • Am I entitled to help as a carer and how do I access that?

There is no complicated legal jargon. We offer simple and clear information so you know what the law says and you get the reassurance and direction you need.


Or contact us to find out more:

  • Phone our legal helpline on 0203 405 5940
  • Email Sara here


If you are currently looking after someone with dementia or you suspect a relative is showing early signs of memory loss, you can call or email us with any questions you have. We understand how difficult it is to cope with the legal ins and outs so get in touch to see how we can help you.


Research shows that employees caring for someone with dementia are twice as likely to take time off work than employees who aren’t caring for someone. Link to ‘Who cares Wins’ research paper.

We run free lunchtime and after work seminars for businesses who want to support their staff who are currently or may be caring for someone with dementia in the future.

Community groups and voluntary organisations

You are at the heart of a community; sharing information and educating communities on topics that affect their everyday lives.

It was good to speak with an empathic person who obviously had a wealth of knowledge and understanding of dementia and how it affects families. Knowing that I can call on Sara in the future is very reassuring and I would encourage anyone with a query about dementia to contact her.

C. Salisbury

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my problems and for your invaluable support.

M. Marshall

Thank you for your helpful email. A lot of great resources and contacts there, thank you! I will get on and do some homework! Many thanks again.

E. Sheldon