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Simon Sinek has one of the most watched TED Talks called ‘Start with Why’. At the end of the day, we can employ marketing, advertising and social media people to raise awareness of what Pathways Through Dementia does. We can write a fancy mission statement and lay out our vision and aims. But ultimately all we want businesses to know is why we are running this charity: I set up Pathways with the main aim being to support working carers. People like myself with a job, a family life and ageing parents. I knew, not just because I had read research papers proving my belief, but because I had spoken to and encountered face to face this group of people, that the sandwich generation are struggling to juggle these responsibilities. As I travelled around London for work or pleasure I would stare up at huge office blocks imagining all the people working in them who I could help if only a HR manager would take up our offer of free lunchtime seminars on dementia and the law.

In the 9 years I have spent building this charity up, in addition to running a very busy helpline,  I have spoken in 2 offices – the Merseyside Police, and Premium Credit Ltd. The feedback from both these talks was excellent, yet somehow we are failing to interest HR managers in using us to support their employees better. We are now offering online workshops where people can join and ask any question they like about dementia within a topic framework which includes paying for care, managing money on behalf of a vulnerable adult, and relevant community care laws.  We are asking that companies pay the attendance fee so that we can generate funding whilst giving vital information to carers.

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