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Sponsored run and other news

By 1st October 2013April 4th, 2016Pathways news

So my sponsored run passed its £500 target and with our My Donate page holding £135 at the moment I have raised £631. It was worth the pain! An old pedometer I own unreliably informed me that jogging to our local shops and back = 5K. Turns out, it doesn’t. As professional Park Runners streamed across Bushey Park leaving me in their wake I gazed across the expanse of fern and trees praying that the people I could see miles ahead of me were on a different run. If you want to view the victorious photos go to our Pathways Through Dementia page on Facebook, my husband and ex colleague from the Alzheimer’s Society kindly waited the hour or so it took me to cheer me across the finish line.

Last month I went to the Westminster Memory Service and discussed various issues around the Court of Protection. They have a brilliant service there where they assist people completing Lasting Powers of Attorney forms.

Last week I went to an amazing morning at Kingston Hospital where around 100 professionals spent time discussing what makes dementia care on hospital wards better. For me, most inspiring were the examples of design which have been implemented in other areas to make wards more homely and welcoming. My favourite was the ward where the staff erected a shed for the man who had loved spending time in his shed. Arts Council funding had paid for some beautiful stained glass windows which improved the lighting and privacy of people spending time in day rooms, and dilapidated outside spaces had been turned into beautiful gardens.

We had a great Trustee meeting on Saturday and welcomed a potential new Trustee to the board who has extensive experience of working within the NHS. We discussed the possibility of attending local Christmas fairs to showcase the support we can offer, my radio training which is coming up in November, and the joys of HMRC! among other things.

Next week I will be meeting with the wonderful Admiral Nurses to talk to them about Pathways Through Dementia and I’m planning to meet with the Alzheimer’s Society area managers in Nov/Dec in Woking.

Our newsletter IS on its way: now that my daughter is finally in pre school I can dedicate more time to the list of things I want us to achieve next year!

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