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Pathways’ Good News!

By 17th February 2013Pathways news

Since Christmas I have been working with our Trustees to register our charity with the Charities Commission. In addition to this we have developed an App and are in discussion with a national firm of solicitors who are interested in sponsoring it. Thirdly, after a wonderful year with the Athena Network I was in two minds whether to renew our membership as we have to be so careful with our money at the moment. The support that I have received from the women at the Twickenham group has been amazing and truly inspirational so I was very reluctant to leave. However, Susan Green of Greenacres Nursery Hampton Hill has offered to pay for Pathways’ membership for the next year. Athena has therefore hosted a Christmas fundraiser for us, linked me to the solicitors firm that may sponsor our App, provided us with a generous donation to renew our membership with the network, in addition to ensuring I am giving more talks and reaching more people in this area. Thank you Athena!

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