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Our first national campaign, funded by the National Lottery, is now up and running, mainly through social media. We have had a great response so far, in one 24 hour period 335 Facebook users visited our website as a result of seeing our ads.

The theme of Dementia Action Week is ‘Cure the Care System’. Paying for care is of course a huge part of the care system and we support the Alzheimer’s Society’s call to make significant changes to the system to make it fairer for our client group.

I am running 3 events for Dementia Friendly Richmond that week with my other hat on but we do have a free Pathways event on Friday May  21st 13:30-14:30 on Paying for Care. Do you know where to find the rules and what they say? Do you want to ask a question about paying for care in relation to your unique dementia journey? Book your place and find out more: Dementia and Paying for Care Tickets, Fri 21 May 2021 at 13:30 | Eventbrite

If you want to talk to me one-to-one ring the helpline or email me: 0203 405 5940/swilcox@pathwaysthroughdementia.org

Have a good Dementia Awareness Week everyone! Let’s hope we can effect change.


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