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On the Pathways helpline we often get asked about care options, here are some really useful pointers from Access Care  Live-In Care Agency | Access Care (access-care.co.uk):

Care at home – what are my options?

There are several homecare options available and different levels of service to suit need.

Hourly Care

Carers make scheduled visits to your home at agreed times of the day for a length of call ranging from anywhere from 15minutes to a couple of hours. Agencies that offer this service are called ‘Domiciliary or Hourly Care Agencies’ and will cost anywhere between £20-£30 per hour.

Sitting Service

A Carer visits for a longer period of time (e.g.3hrs) to provide companionship and support. This service can be used to provide respite for a full-time family. Sitting services are charged in multiples of hours and the rates will be like that of hourly acre.

Waking Night / Sleeping Night Care

A Carer visits for an 8hrs period (typically) to offer support. If a waking night is scheduled the Carer will remain awake for the shift. A sleeping night infers he/she will sleep and wake if needed. Night care will cost upwards of £100 per night.

Live-in Care

A Carer lives in the person’s home providing care, companionship, and support as and when required. Live-in care will cost anywhere between £900-£1800. This is a huge range and agencies quote based on the level of support that is required and each offers a different service.

With all types of homecare options mentioned above it is possible to look for and hire a Carer privately. The main reason, and therefore advantage of using a professional care agency is that of safety. Care agencies have strict recruitment policies in place and amongst other criteria check references, criminal records, work history, qualifications, and experience to ensure the person is suitable to carry out and support and care needed. Other advantages include:

  • On Call telephone support
  • Ability to provide a replacement Carer at short notice should the need arise
  • Advice and support

Paying for Care

Privately Funded

You can pay privately for your care.

Local Authority Funding

You can apply to your local council and request a ‘Care Needs Assessment’ to see if you are eligible for funding. Of not here, if you have assets of greater than £23,250 you will ‘not’ be eligible.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

This is a care plan which includes full financing for any services that take place outside the hospital. The first step is to visit your GP who will do an initial checklist and refer to a specialist team if deemed eligible to apply.

Attendance Allowance

This ‘is not’ means tested. It is an allowance for people over 65 that need help with everyday activities and medical care. Complete the form online at https://www.gov.uk/attendance-allowance/how-to-claim with the aim to receive between £60 & £80 per week.

All good care agencies will be willing offer advice and help over the phone.

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