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Paying for care – a controversial view?

By 6th July 2011Paying for Care

More articles this week on paying for care. I am sticking my neck out here and will not be popular as a result but it does get my goat sometimes when people talk about having worked all their lives only for their money to be taken to pay for their care. Re savings I can sympathise but with over inflated house prices I cannot: using my parents as an example, they bought their 4 bed house on the Wirral for £18,000 34 years ago and paid that mortgage off before I left home 17 years ago. That house is now worth around £335,000. In effect the enormous rise in house prices has given them around £300,000. This is not money that they have worked for, it is money that I may be lucky enough to inherit that has been donated by housing market forces. Therefore if the system needs it to pay for their care I will give it without hesitation. What I will object to, however, is paying that money to a home which is not caring adequately for my parent/s. But that’s another debate entirely…