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Jimmy Hill and power of attorney

I was very sad to read that Jimmy Hill has been diagnosed with dementia. There has been much press coverage about the fact that his wife and solicitor are joint power of attorney for his financial affairs. Several comments from the family have been published which suggest that as a result of this financial arrangement they have been cut out of the decision making process when it comes to their father’s care however, this should not be the case. A health professional should consider the opinions of the children in their parent’s care needs and living arrangements if the children are keen to have a conversation about those matters. Certainly NOT having power of attorney for finances and property should not be any issue, the attorney facilitates the payment for services, the attorney does not dictate the nature of those services, nor should they. Good care decisions are based on the best interests of the person with dementia and anyone who loves that person has the right to have their views heard and considered.

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