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Update on our charity

By 23rd September 2014April 4th, 2016Pathways news

Dear All,

As you can see we have been targetted by thousands of spammers over the summer who have run amock as my three year old has run amock and kept me too busy to turn my attentions to my Blog! Our website designer is hopefully going to deal with this shortly.

In the meantime, an update: I continue to answer emails and phonecalls from people who are dealing with various legal difficulties along their dementia journey. We have talks lined up for the Autumn and New Year, details of which can be found on our App which can be downloaded for free from the App store (search for Dementia SOS).

In agreement with the Trustees in June we formed a strategy for the charity for 2014/15 which includes:

hiring a bid writer to apply for money for us from various grant giving Trusts and Pharmaceutical companies

hiring a marketing director to help us get our message to the people who need to hear about us including employees of business who might be working and caring for someone with dementia

hiring a HR company to write a formal Job Description for me (the CEO) and an additional Legal and Welfare Officer

In addition to this we have people working for me at a discount rate because we are a charity: Vicki Bullock is a wonderful career coach who has kept me focussed on our vision and aims and has helped move our charity forward leaps and bounds since Christmas, and Vanessa King who runs ‘The Fire Inside’ who is helping me perfect my presentation style! I continue to be encouraged and supported by the Athena Network Twickenham where I am now Chair, and would not be able to do all I do without my husband and friends.

Please get in touch if you would like us to give a talk or speak to you about your dementia journey,

Kind regards,Sara