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Our national campaign, Paying for Care: Know the Rules, which is funded by the National Lottery, has been a huge success since its launch in May this year (2021). Here are some answers to the queries we frequently receive on our busy helpline:

Q: When is it best to separate joint bank accounts when one of the named account holders has dementia?

A: It is probably sensible to separate a joint bank account as soon as possible: should the person with dementia require care in the future then it is easier for the financial assessment and paying future bills to keep finances separate.

Q: Do you have to sell a property abroad when someone goes into care?

A: If the person going into care part owns that property the local authority will take it into account in the financial assessment. But they cannot ‘force’ a sale – any rental income should be assessed however. If you are in this position and require further information contact our helpline: 03004560300

Q: What are the rules on jointly owned rental properties when one owner goes into care?

A: Half the rental income will be taken into account as part of the person’s overall income.

Q: What happens if you are trying to manage a person’s money to pay care bills when there is no Lasting Power of Attorney in place?

A: If the person has mental capacity to set up and LPA then they can do so, however if they have lost mental capacity then Deputyship possibly the way forward: Deputies: make decisions for someone who lacks capacity: Apply to be a deputy – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


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