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Ordinary residence helpful info

By 20th May 2011Ordinary residence

An Ordinary Residence (OR) protocol was introduced last month in an attempt to ensure that people who want or need to move local authorities and receive residential care can do so as easily as possible. In the past families often struggled to move a relative between local authorities and disputes about who paid for someone who was reliant on the state for their funding became very time consuming and stressful. The new protocol is called ‘National Protocol on Ordinary Residence for People Moving Between Local Authority Areas’ and is owned by ADASS – Directors of Adult Social Services.

The protocol has some key phrases in it that are useful to know if you are planning to move yourself or someone you know between boroughs. The protocol commits to

  • a person centred approach
  • supporting individuals by positively embracing collaborative working between boroughs
  • ensuring the individual is the priority in terms of the assessment and planning processes

This protocol came into effect in April 2011. To read the protocol in full go to:


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