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Conflict resolution with Sara WilcoxUnfortunately conflict is a necessary part of life. Although it can often contribute in a positive way to move a situation forward when those party to the conflict are able to hear one another and appreciate eachother’s perspective, most of the time people find it stressful and frustrating.

I have worked with families for many years who are navigating their way through the legal and financial issues which arise when someone in their family has dementia. Sadly money matters can trigger unhealthy family dynamics which have lain dormant for many years. One of the aims of my helpline is to help families to act in the best interests of the person with dementia if that person cannot make their own decisions. In order to do that we look at the root of the problem in an objective way and discuss possible solutions.

In addition to this work I also offer conflict resolution workshops which provide a condensed version of the principles I explored and studied for my Conflict Resolution diploma. The workshops provide thought provoking, person centred approaches to problem solving and give participants the opportunity to consider how they might better manage conflict in their professional and personal lives.

To discuss fees please contact Sara Wilcox: 07540 982 161     swilcox@pathwaysthroughdementia.org

All course fees are donated to Pathways Through Dementia, enabling us to reach more people living with memory loss.